Beyond Bad Bosses Episode one

Your job has been off-shored.

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Beyond Bad Bosses:

I was a senior IT developer. Been there for about 9 years and oversaw a staff of about 15. We did software design and data modeling. I reported to the VP of Technology who reported to our Chief Information Officer. I hated him. He was a huge Wheel of Fortune fan and played this Wheel of Fortune App on his phone. During meetings, he’d invoke Vanna White and say things like, ‘I’m thinking of a phrase….’ or ‘Vanna, I’d like to buy an idea (instead of a vowel), because we don’t have any good ones here.’ Just, strange. Anyway, about two minutes to 5:00 PM on a Friday, he pulls me into his office to his screen. And there’s a Wheel of Fortune puzzle on his screen. He said, ‘I’m thinking of a phrase.’ Irritated, I refused to play along. Anyway, he hit a button and the blocks flipped over and the screen said YOUR JOB HAS BEEN OFF-SHORED. I got one month’s severance. To this day, when I hear the Wheel of Fortune theme song or see Vanna White or Pat Sajak, I see red.

– Ryan from Temecula, CA

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