Beyond Bad Bosses Episode Two

Your company wellness program has begun.

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Beyond Bad Bosses: 

I was fresh out of college. I was a cheerleader at a mid-American athletic conference school. People don’t realize this, but some companies and industries like cheerleaders, especially for sales positions. So, I joined a large, national rental car firm. About 7 months into my position, the company launched a wellness program. My boss, who was creepy and incompetent, took it literally. Anyway, he made us all wear ankle weights. We thought he was joking. He wasn’t. And we did it. We’re close to other rental agencies and they would look over and bust out. It was humiliating. We’re not sure if customers or someone inside made the call to the Regional Manager. But two days after he made this decision for us all to wear ankle weights to burn more calories and to work on our glutes, our Regional Manager came down for a spot visit. When my boss came out to greet our Regional Manager, the Regional looked at him and said, “What the f*** are you doin? I thought this was a joke and had to come see for myself. You got to be f***ing kidding me.” He said this in front of me, two customers, and a guy that cleans the cars when you bring them back. 48 hours after that, he was gone never to be heard from again.
– Tonya B. from Memphis
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