Bad Bosses Episode Four

To Drop Your Pants or Not Drop Your Pants

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Beyond Bad Bosses: 

“I’m not so sure that Al was a bad boss.  He was just weird.  When we’re little and learning to use the bathroom, we’d drop our drawers and have our pants down by our ankles.  We grow out of that pretty quick and just open our fly and go.  Not Al.  At almost 50 years old, he would still drop is slacks down to his ankles.  It was unnerving to me.  The first time I was next to him at the urinal, he dropped his pants down to his ankles.  I could like see his bare ass.  And I laughed out loud as I thought, for sure, he was joking, but he turned to me and said, ‘what’s so funny?’  And he was serious.  He would also take a bag of potato chips into the stall with him, spend 10 minutes in there, and would never wash his hands when he came out.  I’m a guy, and I’m not the most sanitary of people, but this was just gross.  I always tried to avoid shaking his hand.  I got transferred about 2 years ago, but he’s still there, and according to some friends back in my old department, he still does it.”


– Chris from Waterloo, Iowa

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Written by Jay


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