Bad Bosses Episode Five

Leadership Tip: Put One in the Swear Jar

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I work as an equipment manager for a large, Division I university in the South.  We have this associate Athletic Director who’s got a huge temper.  Someone, though, sees potential in this guy.  How or why, I’ll never fully understand.  But our university ended getting my boss an executive coach to help with his temper and as he told us ‘to put some polish on him’.  About a month into his coaching experience, he showed up to our weekly staff meeting with a big jar with a piece of duct tape on the front.  It said, ‘Swear Jar’.  He then told us all that his leadership coach told him to start a swear jar to help create some mutual accountability to help with his language, which I’m not sure what that even means. This guy put 20 singles or one-dollar bills into this jar to show his commitment, which made many of us just roll our eyes.  Throughout the meeting, it seemed to help until we got to our academic compliance officer.  He told our boss that the star baseball player (who would later get drafted in the 8th round) was academically ineligible to start the next game.  My boss screamed, ‘F*ck No!’ and backhanded the Swear Jar.  It flew between two people sitting at the conference table and smashed into the wall in a thousand pieces. The Swear Jar lasted 52 minutes.  He’s still here.  He’s been at it for seven months with this executive coaching.  It’s not working.    

– Amity from below the Mason-Dixon Line Amity from below the Mason-Dixon Line 

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