Your Coworker Has another Startup Idea, and This Time It’s Totally Going to Make Millions

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Your Coworker Has another Startup Idea, and This Time It’s Totally Going to Make Millions

Remember that time when your cube-mate, Randy, had that awesome idea for a start-up venture creating soothing music for pets in their native tongue? It was going to be a huge seller on And that was just the beginning. It was going to scale unbelievably quick and your investment would spew money after the IPO. Make it rain? Hell, no. This venture was going to bring a perfect storm of Ben Franklins. Picture you and George Clooney steering a little fishing boat up a 100-foot wave of cash. Randy had the Excel spreadsheet and some charts that showed it all. Randy’s a smart guy. Randy watched countless videos on YouTube from other gurus and experts and he even talked to a few that he met on Upwork. The guy is an internet guru. Think there are no guarantees in life? Well, that’s a stupid thought – because this thing was guaran-frickin’-teed to make cheddar.

You invested $5,000. Bold move.

Okay, we can agree that was a really horrible idea. Seriously, what were you thinking? You needed that money to pay some bills and you pissed it away like you were tossing down the tip to your local barista. Really dumb move, dude.

Now, Randy is back, and he’s got some new ideas. This time it’s going to be different. He just got back from speaking at a TEDx event in Tracy, California. That’s like, almost Silicon Valley. He’s definitely connected if he’s been out there networking. Other people have made money from similar ideas and you guys are way smarter than them. There’s no way this thing can fail.

What are you waiting for? You want to tell the world off and fly to Fiji on your G6. Randy’s idea is going to get you there. It’s a gamified AI virtual assistant for autonomous cars. You don’t even know what that means but you know it’s going to blow up next year. It’s what everyone is talking about so the time to act is now. Go on, give Randy the $10,000 seed money he’s asking you for. This is going to be awesome.

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Written by Jay


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