Employee Discovers ‘Reply All’ Button, Shatters Company Productivity

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Employee Discovers ‘Reply All’ Button, Shatters Company Productivity

SAN JOSE, CA – After using email for the past several decades, Bradley Johansen, an employee at RNC Systems, Inc., admitted that he never noticed the ‘Reply All’ button positioned right next to the ‘Reply’ button on the company’s email app. This was discovered after Johansen replied-all to a congratulatory email that went to the entire company of 55,000 employees.

“The CEO sent out an email thanking some of the people in IT for receiving industry recognition, and you know, I just wanted to say congratulations too,” said Johansen. “I just hit one of the reply buttons. I never really noticed the difference between the 2 of them sitting there on top of the screen.”

Johansen’s follow up email to the CEO’s message started a chain reaction that would last the next several days. Immediately, other employees started to also reply-all with the message ‘unsubscribe,’ thinking that would remove them from future email replies. This, in turn, only angered other employees who quickly replied-all with messages to tell others to stop sending the ‘unsubscribe’ emails. The cycle continued for days as more and more employees replied-all, at first telling, then demanding, and finally days later, pleading with others to stop replying all.

Sobbing could be heard over the cubicle walls at RNC corporate headquarters. It is estimated that Johansen’s initial response launched nearly 32 million replies before the servers shutdown.

“We’re going on a purge. We’re finding this a-hole and running him out,” said the leader of a group of rogue employees. Several employees had printed the email replies and were using them as torches as they roamed the building.

“I’m not sure what the big deal is,” said Johansen, working remotely in a safe room. “But, I do feel a little bad. I should probably send an email to everyone and apologize.”

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