Bad Bosses Episode 10

Anyone Have a Pen?

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Guys, what you’re doing is great. When I get your stuff, I pass it around. Keep doing what you’re doing! Truth and laughs every week. Hey, but one thing. You’ve bashed bad bosses on your Friday edition for some time. I’m a boss and let me tell you about some bad employees or potential employees.

Two years ago, I was interviewing for a showroom manager. We’re not huge, but for the first time ever, we paid for a headhunter to provide us some good applicants as it’s been hard in this economy to find good people. Well, this high dollar recruiter provided us three potential showroom managers. The second guy that they sent our way had an awesome resume, with a ton of retail and wholesale flooring and tile experience. We’re just about to start the interview and I got a call that one of our biggest customers was on the showroom floor and had a quick question. I asked the applicant if he could just wait in my office for a couple of minutes as I went out to see what was going on. Well, it only took about 90 seconds and guess what I saw when I was coming back to my office? He was going through my desk! Like drawers, going thru papers and stuff like that. I watched him for about 15 seconds before I interrupted him. I thought to myself, “WTF is going on!” But I asked, “Hey, you looking for something?” He said that he forgot to bring a pen to the interview. Needless to say, he was off our list.

– Ethan from Macon, GA

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