Typo Causes Chaos When IT Department Erroneously Delivers a ‘Shat-Bot’

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Typo Causes Chaos When IT Department Erroneously Delivers a ‘Shat-Bot’

SAN FRANCISCO – Customer backlash against Bolo Synch Technologies (BST) was quick and severe today after the company released its new virtual assistant tool to answer common customer inquiries. The artificial intelligence behind the customer service app caused havoc with customers when it not only provided incorrect responses, but also appeared to intentionally mislead or ruin whatever the customer was working on.

“All I wanted to do was IM customer service and find out where the products I ordered were,” said former customer John Turillo. “The app responded with ‘if it was up your ass you’d know.’ The next thing I know it sent false messages to my bank which shut down my credit cards, then it created an account on Tinder and emailed that information to my wife. She didn’t believe me when I tried to explain all of this.”

According to sources, internal BST organizations were quick to point the finger. Many blamed the IT department for the mistake. However, Ryan Jones, program manager for the application, was quick to disagree.

“Did they really want a chatbot and not a shat-bot? I thought it was an odd request but it was spelled that way at least 15 times in the requirements documents,” Jones said. “Honestly, I really don’t read the requirements documents in detail because they are way too long. I just saw it and thought, ‘if that’s what they want, then that’s what we’ll deliver.’ Of course, I knew the shat-bot wasn’t literal. We couldn’t create a program that actually shit on people. That would be just crazy.”

Instead, the application took a virtual dump on anyone that it interacted with. Former customer Diedre Garcia was not impressed with the new application.

“As soon as I logged onto the system, it asked, ‘do you like apples?’ I thought it was a little strange but I answered, yes. Then the shat-bot informed me that it sent all my personal information to a Russian website on the dark web. Before I could even respond it messaged, ‘how do you like them apples?’ and then my computer crashed.”

“From an IT perspective, the shat-bot is a complete success,” Jones responded. “It met all requirements and was delivered on time and within budget. What more could our business clients ask for? We are planning to have a department celebration. You know, once the shat-bot has moved on and our systems come back online or we get our company Amex cards back.”

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