Man Suffering from Chronic Limp Wrist Disease Unable to Find Job

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Man Suffering from Chronic Limp Wrist Disease Unable to Find Job

BOSTON, MA – Michael Espinoza suffers from digitorum fibromyalgia, commonly known as chronic limp wrist disease, an affliction that impacts thousands of people in the United States each year. Espinoza believes that this condition prevents him from landing a job or getting a date. His hand dangles off his arm like broken lure on a fishing rod. Most people don’t notice it until Espinoza tries to shake their hand.

“Jesus, what’s wrong with that guy?” said one person who recently interviewed Espinoza and asked to remain anonymous. “It’s almost creepy when he tries to grip hands with you. It made me shiver.”

“I don’t trust him,” another interviewer said. “He jiggled his nubs on my hand and I immediately wanted to get physically violent with him. Anyone that can provoke that kind of reaction in the first few seconds of meeting them is someone I can’t work with. You can’t even fist bump the guy.”

Espinoza has been unemployed for the past 15 years. The last time he did work, Espinoza wore a wrist brace to hide his condition.

“I don’t get it,” Espinoza said. “It’s just a handshake.”

For Espinoza, perception issues extend far beyond the employment arena and have affected his personal life too.

“It’s even tougher when I meet someone on a date,” he said. “One woman asked if I was allowed within 100 yards of a schoolyard. Why would she say that?” Espinoza asked. “For God sakes, I have a documented medical condition.”

Espinoza has recently joined a support group. Fishy Hands meets every Tuesday evening so members can discuss how to avoid physical contact and cope with loneliness.

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