Bad Bosses Episode 14

Betrayed by the Car Text Message Reader

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Beyond Bad Bosses: 

Guys—keep it coming! I love the Kimono!!!!! I’m chiming in with my own boss story.

Every quarter, our Regional Manager has to do his rounds with us to make sure that we’re compliant with our pharma company’s rules and that we’re managing our customers appropriately. Blah….Blah…..Blah…..I dread it.

So, my car reads texts aloud when they hit my phone. So, I’m driving with my Regional, when my phone dings and the mechanical voice on my Ford Fusion reads aloud for both of us to hear, “Hey, when do you tour around with your fat f*ck of a boss? My house for MNF (Monday Night Football) tonite? Suck it!”

We had 70 miles left on the drive and neither of us said a word. When I got back, he just got out of the car without saying anything. He’s still my boss.

– Patrick in West Virginia

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Written by Jay


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