Company Initiative to Reduce Meetings is Scheduled for Review During Meeting Next Week

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Company Initiative to Reduce Meetings is Scheduled for Review During Meeting Next Week

After several employee complaints of too many meetings destroying their productivity, your management team is taking action. According to several inside sources, the value of current meetings and meeting frequency was discussed at an executive meeting this past week. The senior leadership team has agreed to develop an action plan to reduce the number of current meetings when they meet again next week.

“We’re really excited to improve productivity and help alleviate employee stress,” said your department Vice president. “However, I don’t want to commit to a timeline on when we can deliver this. The meeting is set for next week and that doesn’t give us much time to meet and prepare for that meeting. It’s likely that next week’s meeting may have to split into several meetings to get this done.”

“Holy hell, is it possible to actually get some work done around here?” asked one of your peers. “I’m in meetings from the moment I arrive to the time I leave. It’s mandatory to start at least five minutes late, spend the next 15 minutes of the meeting jerking around with the conference call technology and another 10 to get the projector to work. The remainder of the meeting is like watching a goat rodeo as people try to get organized.”

“We have at least two pre-meetings for every meeting and a follow up meeting to figure out what the hell we were supposed to get done in the original meeting,” said another employee. “These meeting have taken too many hours off my life clock. I’m dead inside.”

Not everyone is happy to see a reduction in meetings.

“I admit, I schedule a lot of meetings,” said an anonymous department member. “No one answers their phone or has a conversation unless it’s scheduled. I have to schedule a meeting just so people will read the email I sent them 3 times over. When I do get them in a meeting, they are multi-tasking so much I have to schedule another meeting just to get them to remember the first meeting. I feel like I’m dog sitting a half-dozen Poodles on crack.”

Employees that wish to provide any feedback are encouraged to set up a meeting with their manager. Please do not set up a meeting with HR, they will not accept your meeting.

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