What can you expense?

Crazy expense report items coworkers reported....

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What can you expense? 

Ever feel awkward trying to justify the large meal on your expense report? Don’t worry, there are people, in your company that have done far worse. Check out this story from NBC of an executive at Robert De Niro’s company that is being sued for $6M for excessive expenses. It’s pretty impressive (the fact that she watched 55 episodes of Friends on Netflix in a 4 day period on the job is noteworthy). 

One of us at the Kimono used to be in charge of employee expenses for a Fortune 100 company. During that time, he was able to witness (and deny) some of the following egregious expenses:

  • An executive trying to expense the fuel for his personal Cessna that he flew to a business meeting
  • An employee expensing full-day spa treatments for her boyfriend (not an employee) at an expensive hotel
  • An executive admin using the company Amex to try to pay for an entire baby shower, plus gifts, for her boss
  • An employee buying $500 Bose headphones because she was forced to work in an open office environment and needed to avoid distractions
  • Employees expensing dog sitters and dog kennels when they traveled
  • And yes, thousands of dollars at strip clubs for ‘clients’

Can you top any one of these? Let us know the worst thing you’ve seen. Until then, remember, someone is always watching you but the Kimono doesn’t judge.

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Written by Jay


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