Bad Bosses Episode 16

What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

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Beyond Bad Bosses: 

Before you hear our subscriber story below – Check out this hilarious article.

This story submitted by one of our readers may not beat the above story, but it does highlight what happens when co-workers take joint efforts to a whole new level.

“Our department head arrived late for the breakfast she held for all of the employees in her department to review quarterly results and other rah-rah topics.  At the end, she held a Q&A session and said, ‘You can ask me anything.  Anything at all.  It’s like Las Vegas, what happens here, will stay here.’ One employee raised her hand and asked, ‘Why are you wearing [John Smith’s] ID badge?’  In an awkward moment of silence everyone realized that the department head was sleeping with a married male executive and they must have mistakenly switched badges when they were getting ready in the morning.  She fumbled a response and then quickly ended the session.  Soon after, the male exec took a leave of absence to handle ‘a family issue.’ So much for Las Vegas rules.”

– Allyssa, Los Angeles   

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