Bad Bosses Episode 17

Could Your Boss Make It on Shark Tank?

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Beyond Bad Bosses

Oh, Dear Kimono—

My boss is such an a$$hole.  I’ve lost 4 years of my life working for this guy.  When I think about it too much, I weep.  I’m lost.  I should’ve done better in high school and college.  It’s really my fault. Was joining a fraternity worth a 2.4 GPA? And a sociology degree?  I own this.

Anyway, my boss is a huge Shark Tank fan.  Most terrible bosses have motivational pictures in their office.  Not Andrew.  He’s got a picture of Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O’Leary.  His ring tone is the Shark Tank theme song.

About a year ago, I went into his office around 8 AM. It was clear he was crying.  I said, “Andy, you okay?”  He mumbled something like “Bollywood, should’ve gotten a good offer….” 

I, literally, laughed out loud and then DID say out loud, “Why, am I here….like, why do I even work here?” 

I walked out. This is what Andy was talking about. 

If you’re ever driving through Texas, please stop by the co-packer where I work and kidnap me.  I can’t endure it anymore. 

– Gerry

Somewhere between Abilene and Austin

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