Bad Bosses Episode 21

How do you handle rejection?

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Here’s a hilarious office story from one of our readers.  We send these every Friday in our newsletter, which is free to sign up for. 

Dear Open Kimono,

Ha!  I live for Fridays to read about Bad Bosses and other horror stories at work.  And I’ve got one. 

My supervisor applied for Assistant Manager four times over the last 10 years.  He’s never gotten it.  Well, after this last time in the Spring, he was told that he should never apply for this position because he’ll never get it.  He didn’t take it to well.  He got arrested for toilet paper bombing our HR manager’s house at 3AM. 

After 26 years working at our company, he’s no more. 

– Allison somewhere near Duluth, MN 

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