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So, my story is not about a boss, but a co-worker.

I had a co-worker that had to give a presentation to our exec team at our bank.  We’re not huge.  We have about 30 branches in the mid-West and we’ve been privately owned for a hundred years.  Anyway, he’d been with our bank for just under 10 years.  Well, he comes in and sets up his laptop to the overhead.  He was an organized guy, but was in a hurry that day for some reason.  Someone asked him a question just when he hit CTRL + ALT + DELETE to unfreeze his computer screen.  He turned to answer the question and didn’t notice that his presentation wasn’t up on the screen.  Instead, it was his letter of interest or letter of intent to work at our competitor.  In the letter, he said that he wanted to work for a bank that wasn’t operating in the 1930’s and that our prehistoric ways of doing things were “holding him down.”  

When there were some muffled laughs and outright gasps, he turned to look up at the screen and his face turned crimson red.  He started to fumble and try to explain.  But our CEO, the great grandson of the bank’s founder, didn’t let him last 30 seconds.  He fired him on the spot.  And, our competitor declined to pick him up.  I liked the guy and thought he had a future, but there was no surviving this. 

Nate—somewhere around Indiana

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