Bad Bosses Episode 22

Do you procrastinate?

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’m the executive assistant to a boss that is so scatter brained and disorganized.  I, literally, try to save him from himself.  But he has no attention to detail.  And procrastinates.  I like him as a person, but OMG, is he frustrating.  This is my best story of my boss and this happened a couple of years ago. 

He was to give a big presentation in Vegas.  I told him to get out there a day before.  But he procrastinated.  No surprise.  He took the last flight out of New York that would still get him to Vegas in time to give the presentation in the PM. 

He was late getting out of the office and I told him that he had to get going.  I’m basically shouting at him to leave. Well, he got a Uber to take him to Newark and that he would give the driver a $50 tip if he could get him to Newark by 11:00 AM. 

The Uber driver gets him to Newark at 10:58 AM.  My boss gives him a $50 bill and runs into the airport.  He goes up to the American Airlines kiosk to get his boarding pass as he never got the APP.  His itinerary isn’t coming up.  His flight is to leave at 11:30 AM and he still needs to go through security.  He cuts in front of people as he goes to the American Airlines counter.  He hands the lady his ID and says to her, “just tell me what gate I need to go to and how fast I need to run to make it.” 

The American Airlines rep says with a straight face, “Honey, you’re at Gate A7 and you’re going to have to run pretty damn fast as your flight leaves La Guardia in 17 minutes.”  He was standing in Newark airport. 

I sent him the itinerary but, true to form, he didn’t read it closely.  He missed his big speech and it was embarrassing to him and to our company.  He’s still my boss and I love him and hate him at the same time.

– Laurel from Yonkers, NY

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