Why Didn’t We Think of This?

Your crazy coworkers

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Here’s a hilarious office story from one of our readers.  We send these every Friday in our newsletter, which is free to sign up for. 

I used to work in IT with a guy that we hardly ever saw.  He worked from home or always had a reason for not coming into work.  He was rarely on conference calls so I couldn’t even recognize his voice.  I think we saw him only one time in the course of a year but no one seemed to care because he did good work and got everything done on time.  I guess he was a big fan of Tim Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Workweek which encourages you to outsource everything you can.  I’m not sure how management found out, but they busted the guy because he had off-shored his entire job.  He would get his assignment, then send it over to a firm in India to do the actual work, and then submit it as his own work.  Supposedly, he was working at another company at the exact same time doing the same thing.  No one wanted to admit it out loud but all of us were jealous and wondered why we hadn’t thought of it first.

-Lenny, Jacksonville, FL

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