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Some people exist as an example of what not to do

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Here’s a hilarious office story from one of our readers.  We send these every Friday in our newsletter, which is free to sign up for. 

Our company had its annual celebratory event to honor the top marketing people in the company at an all-exclusive resort.  There were events all day for the employees but the ‘plus ones’ [spouse or guest of the employee] were free to enjoy the resort… and the open bar the company provided.  That evening we had a big award dinner and this guy, who was the husband of one of the marketing directors getting an award, suddenly falls right off his chair, and lands face down on the floor, passed out.  It took two other guys to carry the drunken husband back to his room.  Then, the marketing director had to accept her award a few minutes after all of this happened.  She did it with grace, but did make a small joke about seeing a divorce attorney the following Monday.  Ouch.

-Sara, San Jose, CA

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