Does OCB Really Matter?

Training as part of the change management framework

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The researchers from the article we shared on Monday showed that choosing employees that were strong in Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) would increase the chance of success in company initiatives (need a crash course in OCB? Check out this slide deck).

But, do you agree with this?  Here at the Kimono, we had a lot of debate around this topic.  One of us has lots of experience deploying Lean Six Sigma and other types of large-scale company programs, and he disagreed.  Here was his feedback:

“Sure, selecting the right employees is important.  Deploying any large-scale program involves a great deal of change management.  Training is only one piece of that overall plan, and training employees is even a smaller piece of that plan.  With Six Sigma programs, we often selected the right people but if their leaders weren’t bought in, then employees would never get the opportunity to use what they learned in training, no matter how much they wanted to.  In my opinion, training leaders at various levels – executives, senior management, and most importantly, frontline supervisors – was even more important than training the employee base.  Again, there are many components to the change management framework. Training employees is just one piece.”

What do you think?  Check out the article below (WARNING: it’s long, but worth a read).  Was the downfall of Six Sigma due to lack of training with OCB?  That may sound a little facetious but did training at least have a part to play in its demise?  Let us know what you think!

Whatever Happened to Six Sigma?

What does it take to create large-scale change?

The research we shared touched on the complex topic of change.  What does it really take to create enterprise-wide, long lasting change?  It’s more than just training and communication.  It involves many aspects, and actions needs in regard to those areas, evolve over time.  The matrix below is one example of the actions needed, and when they are needed,to create a change management plan. 

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