Have You Seen These Trainees?

When a training class goes bad

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Here’s a hilarious office story from one of our readers.  We send these every Friday in our newsletter, which is free to sign up for. 

“I was teaching New Hire Orientation and this guy stands up and starts walking from one random spot in the room to another, pausing for a few seconds in each place.  After his fifth or sixth stop, I finally pause the class and ask him what he’s doing.  He says, ‘The cell phone reception is terrible in here. I’m trying to get a signal.’  He didn’t last too long in the company.”

Steve, Las Vegas

Speaking of cell phones….

“I was teaching a Six Sigma Green Belt class and a cell phone starts ringing (we had a no cell phone policy that I mentioned on the first day).  This guy near the front of the room takes the call anyway and he says loudly to the person on the other end, ‘Oh, hey there.  No, it’s no problem.  I’m just in a boring class right now.  What’s up?’ He proceeded to talk for another couple of minutes.”

Jane, Orlando

“I had to lead some mandatory training to a group of employees that were fairly new.  The class was short, just an hour or so.  At the beginning of the class, I told them that I wanted their full participation.  I was only a few minutes into the class and this woman stands up in the back of the room and starts teaching over me.  I politely ask her to sit down and she says, ‘No, I got this’ and keeps talking.  For the rest of the hour, the entire class is turning their heads from her to me and back as we compete in some sort of bizarre teach-off.  It was just so weird.”

Alison, Las Vegas

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