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Back in the 80s, I did some customer relations training for a regional airline.  The participants were employees who worked at the counters in the gate areas.  Some of you may be old enough to remember that airlines at that time constantly overbooked, and the gate people took the brunt of dissatisfied customers’ ire.

One of the gate agents was truly a legend among her fellow gate agents.  She was described as petite and sweet, with a great knack for calming irate customers.  One day a businessman was bumped from the flight — he began screaming and cursing at the gate agent.  After about 15 minutes of abuse, she finally told him that she was sorry, but there was nothing she could do about getting him on the flight.  As she turned away, he called her a B****.  She turned back around, smiled at him and told him that she was definitely not a Witch, because “If I were a witch, I would turn you in to a pile of C***.”

As you might expect, she wound up in the supervisor’s office getting chewed out by him.  After a while, he finally asked her what she had to say for herself.  Her response was “Well, I would have turned him back.”

Yep, a true legend.

John, Atlanta, GA

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