Thank You FSU Alumni

A couple of super quick housekeeping things....

A couple of super quick housekeeping things....

Thing 1: First, THANK YOU for subscribing FSU alum!  

Thing 2: For those of you that subscribed, we will announce how much money we are donating on Friday, November 8th. For each subscriber we get, we are donating 50 cents to the FSU foundation for the Student Business Leadership Retreat Fund (with a goal of at least $1000 or more!). 

Want to help even more? Share this link – OR forward the email you used to sign up. 

Thing 3: Our email comes to you on Mondays (satire write ups about the absurdities of the corporate world), Wednesdays (the latest business research in a format you will actually understand), and Fridays (subscriber workplace stories about good bosses, bad bosses, and crazy workplace stuff).

Thing 4: PLEASE ADD to your contacts to make sure you get our emails! If you don’t see us please check your ‘PROMOTIONS’, ‘OTHER’, or SPAM folder to make sure we are getting in your inbox – you will receive emails from

The Open Kimono is a FREE online business publication and you can unsubcribe any time…. but we hope you’ll stick around :). 

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